The Magic of Pixar

Based in Emeryville, California, Pixar is an American computer animation film studio that is owned by Walt Disney Studios. The studio was founded 32 years ago by the president Edwin Catmull and an Alvy Smith. Best known for their CGI-animated films, Pixar has produced 20 feature films such as Toy Story (1995) and Incredibles 2 (2018). Having earned 19 Academy Awards, 8 Golden Globes, and 11 Grammys, Pixar isn’t doing too shabby.

Disney’s Pixar is well known to all age groups, from young children to their great grandparents, but for reasons that differ. When a new movie is released, kids beg their parents to take them to go watch it because of the buzz created by the internet. But when at the theater, Pixar has a way of making older generations cry. Pixar really plays on pathos when delving deep into unique messages or story plots that are noticed by the crying adults in the room. Their movies may be beautifully heartfelt and graphically well done, but their tone through their social media platforms is much more uplifting and relatable.

Pixar uses their social media platforms not to necessarily promote themselves, but mostly to get onto our generation’s radar. Social media trends are one of our major sources of entertainment whether it be memes, hashtag trends, GIFs, or anything we find funny and relatable in today’s society. Pixar has found a way to use said trends for their benefit such as:

In this example, they tied a cute motivational pun together with their amazing short film Piper.  However, instead of a short GIF, they share enough of the short film to get you motivated to search for the whole film.

In the next two examples, Pixar’s use of “#FlashbackFriday” and “#ThursdayThoughts” is relatable like other social media trends.

Since Pixar is widely popular, there is an abundance of blogs dedicated to Pixar such as The Pixar Times, Pixar Talk, and Pixar Planet. In this blog post, from Pixar Planet, author Simoa beautifully dives into a review of a Pixar short film La Luna. A bit less beautifully written, but still relative would be this blog post from Pixar Talk where author Robert MacDonald discusses “Pixar[‘s] animation through out the [Disney World] Park”. Bloggers blog, while the general public retweets. In the world of Twitter, there are many mentions of Pixar such as this Buzzfeed article:

and this Time’s Up Twitter page that quote retweeted about the first woman to direct a short film for Pixar!

Evidently, Pixar has been successful in making it’s brand a part of the today’s media environment by relating to our society’s emotions, trends, and politics (Old white male directors have nothing on Domee Shi!).

Here are the links to Pixar’s social media platforms!: Their Official Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr!



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